By sharing their cancer journey our participant donors are helping us to find the answers we all seek and possibly lead to a cure for cancer.

Over 500 long term cancer survivors have already volunteered to participate in our study. Drawn from all walks of life and with varied medical backgrounds, our participating donors share a gratitude for having beaten cancer, a questioning about why they survived and a commitment to wanting to help find a cure that will help save the lives of millions of others. That’s why they have chosen to get involved in our landmark study. We are always eager to hear from people eager to participate in our various research initiatives so if you are interested in participating yourself please get in touch. We thought it might be helpful to share the experiences of a few of our participants.

Barbara Moss

“Your study starts at the finishing line and then looks at the reasons for winning. It also answers my question as to why I am alive.”

At the age of 52, in 2006, Barbara was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer of the colon. It spread to her liver and she was told she had 3–5 months to live! Barbara is a long term survivor who today is an active campaigner and Patient Ambassador for EuropaColon and Bowel Cancer UK.

We are delighted she has chosen to volunteer to participate in the Continuum Long Term Survivor Study.

“I felt compelled to contact Continuum as soon as I heard about Dr Hull and how he was questioning his own illness. He did not accept that you treat every cancer in the same way and he questioned why he had responded to his own treatment and survived his illness beyond expectation. I was also delighted to read that this was an independent.

Loraine Dawson

“The cure could be within us. Let’s target cancer together, because together we are stronger.”

“Having seen Dr James Hull on television, I felt a real connection with the fact he is a man driven for a cure after fighting the disease for so long. It takes strength, determination and a love for others to decide on a venture of this magnitude. I also think we need to look at this disease from many different new ways; cellular levels, lifestyle levels, immune systems etc. just as the Continuum study does.

You are all obviously excited and care about Continuum and its commitment to curing a disease that affects so many people’s lives. To anyone thinking of calling, I would confidently say please ring.”

Nick Nenadich

“Get involved for the greater good. Your story and DNA may hold the key to new greater advances.”

“I read the article about Dr Hull and, given my cancer journey and exposure to just about all the traditional and emerging disciplines of medicine, couldn’t not be interested or amazed. The part of the story that grabbed my attention was the fact that Dr Hull was somebody who was using their experience to shape the future. It rekindles your belief in humanity. I felt compelled to call in and say, “ use my story and let me help with the fight!”

Long Term Cancer Survivor Research brochure