Continuum Life sciences was born from my own experience of surviving numerous battles against multiple cancers and has highlighted the great therapeutic potential to be learned from individual cancer survivors such as myself. Through Continuum we are harnessing this potential to tackle the treatment of cancer in a new and innovative way.

In November 2010, as an apparently fit and healthy 50 year old, I was rushed into hospital and given little chance of survival. A large malignant tumour was removed from my bowel. The adjacent lymph nodes were also cancerous and I was prescribed months of intense intravenous and oral chemotherapy. Fourteen months later (2012) a routine scan revealed a tumour in the neck of my pancreas, which, when biopsied, was confirmed as malignant; I was given 18 months to live. A complex surgical procedure was necessary to remove the tumour, which also required the removal of my spleen. The routine scans continued and in 2013 two further tumours were discovered and subsequently removed from my liver. In 2017 a ‘clinically diagnosed’ malignant melanoma was removed from my scalp. Incredibly, the pathology results found no cancerous cells. In January 2018 scanning technology revealed six new tumours in my liver. A liver transplant was recommended. I refused – backing myself to recover. As of April 2019 I am well and the remaining cancer in my liver is stable.

I am very grateful to be a cancer survivor and inspired by this, I feel entirely passionate and morally obliged to discover WHY, and indeed HOW, I have survived, with the hope that my own personal experience can help many others in years to come.

I have sought out other long-term cancer survivors (extreme phenotypes), who are happy to donate biological material for analysis and who may also hold vital cancer fighting information. In order to identify what sets these individuals apart I have brought together a number of highly respected researchers from several British universities and hope to recruit from other international universities in the future.

To date, I have self-funded this complex and potentially life changing research. However, in order to make further, faster progress I believe the time is right to invite others to join me in this quest. In this proposal I am setting out a legacy investment opportunity that can be measured in lives saved as well as potentially significant financial returns. Welcome to Continuum Life Sciences.

Dr James Hull, Founder and CEO